Champorado is the perfect breakfast food! The Filipino rice porridge recipe is simple to prepare with just five ingredients. It is tasty and comforting, with a strong chocolate taste. It is a sure hit with children and adults too!

Champorado was an integral element of my childhood, a food I consider to be a symbol of a generous heart and generous spirit. It brings me back to my mother’s oldest sister, whom we all and often affectionately called Mamang Vi.


One of my most fond memories of her was the weekends , when she would prepare a large pot of this chocolaty breakfast rice porridge, and then divide it into bowls for her for delivery to her siblings’ homes.

Mamang did not have an immediate family of her own, as she lived a time helping her siblings and brothers take care of their families. Many of her nieces and nephews were her children. Sharing her chutzpah was only one of many instances of how she taught us the tenet of family will always be family.

What is Champorado

Champorado, also known as tsampurado, is a sweet chocolate rice porridge that is made using sticky rice and tablea. Although its roots go to Mexican champurrado but this Filipino version has evolved according to Chinese influences. The current recipe makes use of glutinous rice in place of corn masa, like the Spanish counterpart.

The porridge with chocolate is usually consumed for breakfast or as snack during the day with a portion with salted fish Tuyo to make sure that the sweetness is balanced by salty. It is also typical to have it with Pandesal and bread.

Ingredient notes

RiceChamporado is made from glutinous rice. It is commonly referred to locally in the Philippines as malagkit. Although you can make use of longer-grain rice in a pinch it won’t be as viscous as the sticky rice.

Tablea also known as Tableya are chocolate discs made of cacao beans that have been ground up. You can also make use of unsweetened cocoa powder like Hershey’s chocolate or bars of dark chocolate.

Sugaris added to the recipe to sweeten the recipe. Certain types of tablea have sugar, so make adjustments to the quantity in the recipe to suit your needs.

Milk that has been evaporatedis a great way to add creamy. It is also possible to use sweetened condensed milk to get an apricot-like taste or half and half for more flavor, or almond coconut, or soy milk to make a dairy-free option.


The best method to provide

Champorado can be enjoyed hot or cold, making an ideal midday or breakfast snack. Serve with evaporated milk to add an extra creaminess, and Serve with dried salty seafood (tuyo) as well as bread with it.

How to store and heat

Allow the remaining portions to cool completely before transferring into a container that has an easily-fitting lid. You can refrigerate for up to three days, or store three months or more.

Reheat in a pot on medium-low heat until heated through, while stirring constantly. Add a splash of milk or water as needed to loosen the consistency.


Champorado is a delicious chocolate-flavored rice porridge made of tablesa. It’s simple to prepare in just a few minutes and only requires 5 ingredients. Delicious and comforting breakfast that the entire family will enjoy!

The prep time is 5 minutes

Cooking Time: 40 minutes

All Time: 45 Mins


5 cups of water

1 cup glutinous rice

4 pieces tablea chocolate

1/2 cup of sugar

1 cup of evaporated milk


In a large pot, with a medium-low heat, add water , and bring it to a boil.

Mix in rice and stir to disperse. Reduce the temperature and simmer, stirring often until the rice begins to expand.

Add tablea, and cook, stirring constantly until chocolate is been melted. Continue to cook until the rice becomes translucent and the liquid has reduced to the desired consistency.

Add the sugar and continue cooking by stirring frequently until the sugar is completely it is completely dissolving.

Pour the ladle into bowls, then drizzle with milk that has evaporated and serve hot.

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