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You definitely have to pay attention, but game is well worth every minute of play. Troops of fluffy round worms are going to invade your house! The most famous original Zuma game!

There are many colored balls on the path along the river. You can have it on a large screen.

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Possibly the most addictive game we've ever offered, xray scanner for mobile Zuma Deluxe is a uniquely thrilling experience in action-puzzlers. Shooting the balls in best traditions of Zuma! Build your Sun Town in the fairy land of Zuma! It is the most famous and popular version of the online game.

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If you've never played Zuma Deluxe, you're missing out on a great game experience! Thank you for writing a review! This has to be the most addictive game around. Hit colored balls that roll on floor-slabs of the temple for getting the treasures of ancient Gods! Classical Zuma will always remain a favorite one for many players.

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Please note that we can't help you out if you write about it in your post. It is a challenge for your patience and insistency! Its so good you just have to beat every score or die trying. When I feel like taking a break, I come back to this game more often than any others I have. Take part in the galaxy war.

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However it is very interesting! Zuma's Revenge has become the best representative of its genre. This game is fun for all ages and will really put your clicking skills to the test. How many levels can you complete not losing patience and accuracy? Don't worry, shells are not dangerous, you shoot with balloons also.

It's easy and challenging at the same time. Nothing will take your attention from shooting in this game.

If you like this, you might want to check out Chameleon Gems. Even with Zuma's Revenge out I still resort back to my big frog friend. My goal now is not to lose a life throughout the entire game. This has been my favorite game since it first came out in I spend so many hours a week playing zuma I love this game so much.

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At first it starts off pretty easy but not too much into the game it got to be very challenging. Most addictive game I own!

They each have something different to offer, but their premise is the same. As the stone frog idol of the ancient Zuma, you must explore and unearth the legendary temples.

Indian God of Wisdom with a head of elephant - Ganesha - plays a game and invites you to join him. What a surprise at the end with another screen to play! Very addictive, I recommand it!

Become a ninja-warrior and conquer dragons. This gives you lots of benefits, such as personalized game recommendations and discount offers!

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One of the best games I have ever played One of the best games I have ever played! Colored balls run through gutters into the pockets.

Simple graphics in Egyptian style and nothing else! Please be advised we use cookies on our site in order to give you the best experience. Fire colored balls to make groups of three or more, but don't let them reach the golden skull or you're history!

Each level will open a new building for you! Its fun but does become very challenging as you progress through the game. To play this game, simply enter your email and password.

He hopes this can save him from the arrow of Amour. Some people didn't find the second edition of this game Zuma's Revenge very challenging.

And don't be fooled by dragon's disguise - colored balls! Here is a Bonbon monkey who is ready to share her candies with you - of course if you help her to collect them all. How many fruits you can gather before the branch cracks? It was my favorite, and I missed it, so I bought it again. Destroy the chin of colored balls is almost impossible!