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Tensions rise when Luke teams up with Resus's dad and Resus with Luke's mum. Hunger of the Yeti by Tommy Donbavand. Shelve Heart of the Mummy.

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So they try to find their way out. Shelve Flame of the Dragon. Luke, Cleo and Resus have to clear away some rubbish from their homes. Desperate to be a true vampire, Resus makes a wish at a wishing well, only to find out that the wishing well is evil and his parents are now normals! Adults should probably steer clear.

The plot moves quickly and the characters are e Fang of the Vampire is the first in the Scream Street Series. Understandably so when Scream Street is inhabited by creatures such as vampires and mummies! One of the reasons why I love her so much is because spoilers! An air surfing competition comes to Scream Street.

Luke goes home to find that Otto has moved in after fleeing Sneer Hall to escape a visiting relative with a bit of a temper. Shelve Hunger of the Yeti.

Carla Black starts swapping Scream Street residents for robot versions of themselves. The choice of monsters was incredible. If you liked this book you would like mystery books. The names of the characters are amusing and I can see this appealing to year olds.

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Comedian Brian Brain hosts an evening for all of the Scream Street residents and manages to hypnotise everyone, except Luke. Other books in the series. The strange plant grows rapidly and begins to overtake the garden, trapping the Watsons.

Resus gets Luella to concoct a spell to stop his parents arguing but, as Luella is still a trainee witch, she gets the potion wrong and soon the whole town is feeling the love. Otto plots to build himself a luxury home, which would mean forcing the Scream Street residents to live in tents. This was another book I was asked to read by the bf's neice. Get right to the heart of the mummy in this spook-tacular episode of Scream Street.

Mrs Negative even falls in love with one of the nastiest characters on Scream Street! The three become friends and once they realize the only way off Scream Street is to find the six relics of the founding fathers of the street, they begin their quest.

This book is along the lines of your Dav Pilky books. This book did a great job of introducing Scream Street and all the residents, though I'm hoping for some more development in the next books. Will there be any more Scream Street books? Luke and Cleo decide to take Resus to Eefa's to try and find a solution to his problem. This creepy, action-packed series will likely be popular with the elementary crowd.

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Shelve Flesh of the Zombie. Can he reverse his wish before the Negatives are banished from Scream Street forever. Until eventually his homework turns into an unmanageable monster. Resus can't get a good night's sleep - he keeps having nightmares. First in a series of six books, it is nicely illustrated with a meet the residents and map at the beginning of the book.

Author Events Unfortunately, due to the effects of my recent cancer treatment, I'm still very weak and unable to speak properly. Unfortunately, due to the effects of my recent cancer treatment, I'm still very weak and unable to speak properly. Luke, Resus, and Cleo are eager to begin their new quest. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Mr Watson is still terrified of the monsters in Scream Street, so Luke and Mrs Watson decide to take him on a relaxing weekend camping.

Wail of the Banshee by Tommy Donbavand. My best bet is usually in the juvenile literature section. Do you draw the illustrations for the books?

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Attack of the Trolls by Tommy Donbavand. But with a sinister landlord determined to thwart Luke at every turn, will he even get past the first hurdle alive? But Sir Otto is determined to fight them every step of the way! If the book is a stand alone, I will go with whatever rating I feel most co I'm on vacation, so I put a bunch of random books from the library on my tablet.

Are the Scream Street books available as ebooks or audio books? But after one of his lapses almost gets a fellow classmate injured, the Government Housing of Unusual Lifeforms G. But he soon realises they are better together than they are apart. His family and him got deported by G. But his family does not belong there and him and his friends have to collect facts from the founding fathers together.

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Eefa casts a spell to save Luke from being evicted from Scream Street but accidentally freezes him mid-change and he is stuck as a friendly werewolf. Rock out with a zombie in the next spook-tacular episode of Scream Street. When Otto learns that the Farr family treasure lies buried somewhere beneath Scream Street, zone alarm software he forces Cleo to help him find it - by holding her heart to ransom!

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