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The judges also gave positive reactions. They received a wild reaction from the crowd. Lil Mama was still surprised, but she liked how the routine worked. Lil Mama liked how the crew showed illusions and visual effects but mixed it with solid dance choreography.

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Both female members from I. The performance featured some flips and examples of choreography that were already shown on past episodes, but largely featured popping. The crews were given a task to perform with Kanye West's mastermixes and show their own versatility to perform three different classic dance styles.

The challenge was handed out by fifth season's winner, Poreotix. Moon said that he really wanted to have a good performance that week because he wanted his parents to come to the finale and watch him perform live for the first time.

Chachi and Moon did not perform with the crew in San Francisco. They achieved this three times in their routine, notably at the end, when the whole crew came together to form a robot.

Who is Pacman Jones dating? Pacman Jones girlfriend, wife

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They performed at the Kinematix I. Phunk Phenomenon was spirited and had wowed the judges, but I.

Nicki Minaj, who delivered the challenge to the crews herself, gave I. The performance ended with the crew creating with their bodies the I-M-E letters. She noted that whatever happened, they would be champions. Lil Mama liked how the crew stepped up and loved how the crew had their own moments and identity in the competition.

At the end, both crews faced off in a three-round dance battle with music provided by Swizz Beatz. Lil Mama agreed with both judges that I.

Pacman did not perform with the crew in Los Angeles. Jaja's father had never expected that they could have made it to top five, but the crew proved that he was wrong. Jaja did not perform with the crew in Seattle. He also said that he loved the crew that he created and danced with, bon jovi breakout video singles dating and he stated that he believed they could make it to the finale. They received a standing ovation from the audience and the judges.