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We built our site as a family management dashboard so that there is a lot more than just the calendar. There are free organizational apps for your smartphone, but they often have far fewer features. Easily add events to the calendar with specific colors and text. There are calendars that you can hang on a wall and everyone in the family can see each morning.

Our team of reviewers and Purch Labs test assistants worked together throughout the evaluation process. There are also templates for organizing your budget, health records, music and even your property.

You can notify others of events that you wish to schedule with them, and you can easily set up recurring appointments which make adding in the season's soccer practices easy-peasy. During testing, we were able to import information from Google with ease using the programs that have this feature. There are calendars you can mount on your fridge and ones that work with dry-erase markers so you can clean them off and start new each month. What We Like Perfect for large, active families.

An online calendar is a great way to manage your life from home, work, programs for phones and on the go. There are a lot of other features to these free online calendars as well. Delegated Tasks are delivered via email to the recipient and all updates are tracked in your PlanPlus Online account. The software puts an emphasis on long-term goals while the calendar helps you stay on top of day-to-day tasks.

Personal information management software organizes your life by creating daily to-do lists, helping you manage your budget and keeping you on track to reach life goals. It is also available as a mobile app, so you can view your events anywhere you go. The calendar function makes it easy to input one-time appointments and recurring events, like birthdays. If you struggle to remember appointments, birthdays, due dates and other events, organization software is a godsend. You can add birthdays and holidays, but this program is best for work.

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We found the planner software easy to install and use. There are lots of color-coded stickers you can use for special events and birthdays!

Its magnetic hanger with a unique holder allows the calendar to be used on the fridge or on the wall. Or you can give an au pair viewing rights to your calendar until they go back home. Organizing software is set apart from personal information managers like Microsoft Outlook and Google by its security features.

The applications were thoroughly researched and tested, with all of the features and functionality studied and compared. This is perfect method of getting schedule using your smartphone.

Easily create to-do lists and share them with family members. We understand that keeping separate calendars for each family member is great, but most families have lots of events which include multiple members. What We Don't Like No way to contact technical support. Notifications require a paid subscription. It seems that we all want to stay a bit later at the beach or pool but we all end up in the kitchen at the same time helping out.

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Downloading these apps and syncing them to their desktop is easy. But it might be your thing! If so- go with an electronic calendar Are you a visual person and need to have something to hold in your hand?

Daily Planning Start each day by spending minutes reviewing the tasks and events you have scheduled for the current day. All of the programs we reviewed are protected by passwords to keep your data secure. Add items to your to-do list and never forget another appointment, event, or task.

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If you are wondering what to look for in the best organizer software, our guide can talk you through it. Others will help you and your team work coordinate activities.

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It even integrates with Google calendar. It even integrates with Google calendar to ensure your events are always up to date. You can even store recipes in your Cozi calendar. What We Like Color-coding for calendars. So far I have not found any program or app that I like better than this method.

You can take advantage of its to-do lists, calendar, address book, budget template, word processor and other functions to plan out your schedule. With an artillery of convenient features, like cross-linking files to events and mobile device synchronization, C-Organizer helps you stay organized on the go, both personally and professionally. Read our review of Cozi Family Organizer.