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An ideal example of how the Ethiopian sound has come to be. Saint Yared is the creator of modern Ethiopian music as we know it. We have videos selected from the best Ethiopian You tube channels.

It is a modern song that focuses on Habesha hip hop music but still carries the great Amharic traditional influence. We respect the legal rights of copyright holders.

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Their music not only bespeaks about love between two people, but also endless love for country that is yearning for freedom and the simple life. Ethiopia is a musically traditional country. In a country that has gone through a whole lot of hardships of war and torment, yugioh 5ds it is not surprising that such profound events impacted their great culture and musicality. Abekehem Zemu Tigist Belayneh.

Thank you for your effort to bring our country Ethiopia to the level where developed countries reached in terms of information communication. No matter how music has evolved over time. Gara Sir Live Haleluya Tekletsadik. We are adding great music videos and mps daily.

Akoralehu Enji Birhanu Tezera. The music and video shows how the artiste has expressed the influence of hip hop culture that is mostly identified with the west. Yageren Libs Lebishe is one of the coolest ethiopian songs you can listen to. The door is open for all to enjoy it.

Ethiopian music

This is a great beginning. Traditional music set the pace and laid the platform for new music to thrive.

His father died when he was seven, and his mother sent him to be raised by his uncle Gidewon, a priest who taught religious studies. The music of Ethiopia is divers with it's ethnic groups of unique sound and different tribes of Ethiopia have their own distinct musical tradition. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The washint is a bamboo flute that is common in the highlands. Yared and the Inspiring Caterpillar St.

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Kurat Firat Bethlehem Bekele. It shows some additional features and one step ahead of what I have been experiencing so far.

Neckchalehu Eyob Mekonnen. The caterpillar despite trying six times it was not successful to climb up the tree. Sitotash Shewandagne Hailu.

God bless you and God bless Ethiopia. It greatly shows their fondness and love for the good and sweet life. It is a deeply harmonious and meaningful song that shows their passion and dedication to how humanity can help change the world.

It is a modern song that talks about a man longing for love and misses his partner who has chosen to work abroad. Abatte Barihun has exemplified all four main qenets on his album Ras Deshen. Old, New, Traditional, Instrumental.

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Ephrem Tamiru - song collection (Ethiopian Music)

He was touched and inspired by the determined acts of the caterpillar. It is a modern and awesome dance music that evokes their sense of fun. While he was standing by leaning to the tree trunk, he was immersed in deep thoughts about his poor performance in his education and his inability to compete with his peers. However, at the seventh trial, the caterpillar was able to successfully climb the tree and went on its business.

His parents were born and raised in Aksum. Ethiopian Orthodox Church song melodies are based on his music principles. Suddenly, he noticed an caterpillar, which was trying to climb up the tree. All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from January Articles needing additional references from January All articles needing additional references. We have also included a few Eritrean music in this article since there is some degree of similarity in the comprehensive style of play between the two neighbouring countries.

It highlights the great love of Ethiopians for party and self expression. This section does not cite any sources. TilaHun Gessese is a late contemporary music artiste who has always shown his patriotism in most of the songs he sang. The music industry of Ethiopian is growing and has a potential to expand internationally. Yakoral Woy Mikiyas Negusse.

Smithsonian Folkways Recordings. The rich culture in Ethiopia has greatly influenced its music as each song has this soulful vibe and patriotic traditional harmony.

Fikir Yitagesu - Eziga ezega - New Ethiopian Music (Official Video)

This Ethiopian music is a beautifully sung piece with fabulous dance accompanying it. On his way to Medebay Tabir, not far from Aksum, he was forced to seek shelter under a tree from a heavy rain, in a place called Maikirah. It shows how much they love life and how each one must hold on close to all their hopes and dreams. The girl group which is lead by Bethelehem Belete showed the world what traditional music and singing is all about.

Ethiopian music

Ney Enanaye Hayleyesus Feyssa. Because some of the interesting Ethiopian music are in local dialect, not everyone can understand the words, it is expressive and soulful and shows how much they truly love music. Teret Teret Abeba desalegn.

With all the progress being made on the music front, it should not be entirely surprising that Ethiopian music has evolved over time. During the s, the Derg controlled Ethiopia, and emigration became almost impossible. Please keep up the strong spirit of National development.