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2 Useful Offline Dictionary Apps for your Android Phone

Use this app to translate English to Hindi and vice verse. You can easily improve your English language skill with the help of this app.

We can also Filter Search results by noun, pronoun, verbs and adverbs. How to set up and get started with Mi Pay.

Dict Box Offline Dictionary is another one of the dictionary apps that focuses on multiple languages. You can download as many or as few as you want.

With this app, you can improve your knowledge and pronunciation. However, if you are looking for a multi-lingual dictionary, Offline dictionaries is another great offline dictionary app. The English Dictionary is another dictionary app for Android, which also you can use in offline. This one is quite similar to Dictionary.

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You can now be your own boss with the help of Free Dictionary Apps for Android. Download French English Dictionary for Android. The world has moved on from ink and pages to computers and smartphones.

2 Useful Offline Dictionary Apps for your Android Phone

You can learn new words of English and also speak right pronunciation. We also have lists for dictionaries for many other languages.

The Arcus offline Dictionary app is available for free on Google Play and suits all Android devices, be them phones or tablets. When it comes to budget smartphones in India, there are not so many options available in the market, because Xiaomi Redmi A series starts at Indian rupees.

If you have accidentally mistyped a word, the app will suggest you almost similar words. On top of the standard word definitions, the app features word games to increase your vocabulary.

Also, have search Button that helps you to learn new words. Below we review some dictionary application some are offline or some online. It supports over two dozen languages. Here we test most of the dictionary application that helps you to find any words meaning within a second. Now that the dictionary is available for Android device, you can carry it in your pockets wherever you go.

You can use this app in offline and browse words to find meaning and synonyms. This app is for people who are looking for both French and English dictionaries in a single place for translation and learning purposes. It can be used with one to give you an even greater understanding of the English language. The reason is, most of the dictionaries available on the Play Store need network connectivity to search for the word, and I hate that dependency on the Internet for looking up a word.

When it comes to dictionary, thesaurus and synonyms, one can always rely on it. It has definitions and all of that just like a normal dictionary. You can have access to definitions in English and reference words you researched in the past, by accessing the archive.

Once you are done, you can start taking advantage of the definitions, favorite features, sharing, hyperlinking and customization options. You have entered an incorrect email address! The app even tells you the backstory of a particular word.

Best 12 Dictionary Apps to Use Offline Android/iOS

There is also a built-in thesaurus, pronunciations, and more. It can be used to look up words, though.

The app comes with all the features you would need like translation, offline access, and even games for improving your vocabulary. It's relatively simple and doesn't have common features like audio pronunciations. This app also comes with phrase book which can help you speak common phrases. The app also allows you to add words as bookmarks so that you can refer to them later easily. No matter where you are and what you know about a specific language.

It's a good option for those who don't need a full-fledged dictionary app but still want to know the definition of things. You must have guess, this app lets you look up meanings for English and Hindi words in both languages and that too without any internet connection. It features words, word sense definitions, and more. They include a slang dictionary, idioms and phrases, and even a medical dictionary. You can have a look for the meaning of the symbols and control them using the app settings.

This is the last, for English, we have the dictionary app by TheFreeDictionary. How to Get Blur Mode on Skype.

It also features an integrated thesaurus, example sentences, audio pronunciations, word of the day, and many more. You can download it for free from the link down below.

It works well when paired with a similarly simple dictionary app for a one-two combo. You might have to download some additional font support for foreign languages from the program preferences. Again, it's not great if you need a dictionary app that does more than provide definitions. But nowadays, it is easy to find the meaning of any word of a sentence with the help of your smartphone and dictionary apps. Download Dictionary for Android.

Though Offline dictionary is an app for Android, I would term it as a portal. So today we will see two offline dictionaries you can install on your Android phone, and use them whenever and wherever you require them. So go ahead and download these offline dictionaries on your Android device. In this Dictionary application users use the dictionary when your internet is not working. This is a lightweight app comes with a user-friendly interface, password hacker software full version so newbie to advanced users can use this dictionary.

Best 12 Dictionary Apps to Use Offline Android/iOS

Join our Newsletter Get the very best of Android Authority in your inbox. Arcus Dictionary pro is another Dictionary application with offline mode means you do not need and internet connection.

Best Offline Dictionary Apps English

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