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Are Natsu and Lucy dating? Many other characters in Fairy Tail believe that these two are dating, much to their embarrassment. As of now, methods of dating pottery the Natsu x Lucy fans can only hope and read fanfiction. Umm how do you write those fanfic?

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Finally, she reached the apartment complex. They have one of the strongest bonds out of everyone in fairy tail, well the intire anime. Does he even see Lucy as a woman? The truth is I can barely muster the resolve to fight with you right now! Here's the real thing now.

Surprised, Lucy tried the doorknob again. It is very difficult to tell if Natsu has feelings for Lucy, because he treats everyone in the guild like family and believes he must protect everyone from harm. It may be an implication by Hiro Mashima that Lucy has indeed developed romantic feelings for him. Gray, however, remained serious and cold due to the tragedy that befell him at the hands of Deliora.

Secretly Dating Chapter 1 a fairy tail fanfic

  • But also he learns that Lucy was pregnant!
  • She decided to listen in on it.
  • NaLu is most definitely a thing.
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Will she ever find out who her mystery lover is? The baker with the wild pink hair. He arrived a few minutes after the future Rogue left.

Does Natsu love Lucy

Inside, There sat one of the more known mages, Natsu. Ice-Make is known as an extremely versatile form of Magic, coming in useful both in battle, for offensive and defensive purposes, and outside of it. It's really not fair to Lucy or Gray for Natsu to start developing emotional depth. When the weapon is being used, a jet of flowing water is created from the handle, which remains compact, and twists as if it were a whip's rope part.

Stories focused on the romantic relationships between the cast. That's not how it started. Lucy grinned in response, dating the gnostic gospels clenching her fist in front of her.

Lucy Heartfilia

So clearly they're sticking with a pattern. Or is it just Lucy wary of Natsu being a man? Natsu softly hummed on her neck, dating croatian this made Lucy moan louder. The jokes are hilarious and the grammar's good to boot!

The first date a NaLu fic pt. He was also able to avoid some of Racer's attacks despite his overwhelming speed. Cookies help us bring you Fanpop. Good way for explaining things, You took the words right out of my mouth.

Acnologia Gray Fullbuster vs. Gray and Loke are friends, having been guildmates for three years and sharing a fear of Erza. Lisanna, and, and I wasn't dating Laxus, in fact I'm not dating anyone let alone kiss someone.

He has to get through the next few days with super long hair without going totally insane. Lucy was the one who approached a hug first. Well at least I'm not the one who froze nearly half of jewels. Long ago, there was a kingdom of stars long since fallen. Sorcerer magazine has since named them the most celebrity couple for three consecutive years.

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Totomaru Gray Fullbuster vs. Happy is also in that picture. He doesn't even wanna help Lucy? Lucy is passionate for literature and is in the process of writing her own novel about her adventures with Fairy Tail although she does not like telling anyone about it. Lucy cast the spell by joining her Magic with Yukino and Hisui E.

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Story Story Writer Forum Community. But as conflicted as I am, this is something I have to do! It's a book-shaped device that allows the user to change the color of their outfit according to their mood.

Lucy Heartfilia

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All works displayed here, whether pictorial or literary, are the property of their owners and not Adult-FanFiction. The best answer I can think of is not yet. Even if they aren't lovers, top 10 they are great friends.

Celestial Ice (Gray x Lucy)
  1. Gray went flying back, crashing straight into Erza.
  2. Erza and Lisanna looked up from their game of spoons, staring at Lucy quizzically.
  3. Cursey will allow the user to manipulate that person as well.
  4. Mira grinned from the bar, finding all of this amusing.
  5. But he does that too when his comrades get hurt but with lucy its just more enotional i guess.

Aside from this, he is shown to be overprotective of Lucy, but he's like that with everyone he cares for, isn't he? Yes, there was a reason for Lucy to stay in her apartment, depressing and crying. Working in a club while not doing missions keeps her mind busy as she pines for a certain Fire Dragon Slayer.

Natsu wakes up horny in the bed of his gone lover. Grays arms blocked my punch, he swung his left leg towards my side, which I successfully dodged. As Ur's pupils, despite some differences in their personalities, Gray and Lyon were friends.

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