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Flick right to go to the next element, or flick left to go to the previous element. Turn Battery Percentage on to display the percentage of battery charge next to the battery icon in the upper-right corner.

Rotate iPad to see a leaderboard in landscape orientation. Tap near the right or left margin of a page, or flick left or right. That way, you can scan a list of messages in a mailbox and get an idea of what each message is about. Make sure the rotor is set to edit. Youtube YouTube from your computer.

Tap near the center of the current page to show the controls. The compass will now appear showing where north is and it will also try to figure out which direction you are facing.

Connect iPad to your computer. Settings Airplane Mode Airplane Mode disables the wireless features of iPad to comply with airline regulations.

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Tap Videos, then tap a category of videos, such as Movies. In iTunes, open iTunes Preferences.

Or maybe someone you know has just gotten a new iPad and they need help learning how to use it. Apple mdll User Manual pages. Tablet Apple iPad User Manual pages.

This guide teaches all the basics of using your iPad, and is perfect for seniors, first-time iPad users, and iPad enthusiasts. These manuals are geared more towards the operating system than the actual device. To add two more, doktorspiele just hold your finger down on any of the apps until they are shaking.

When you type a word from the dictionary while using a supported keyboard, the associated input is substituted for the word. Tap the attachment to download it to iPad and then open it. Tap a character to choose it.

Using Apps The high-resolution Multi-Touch screen and simple finger gestures make it easy to use iPad apps. Go to the bookshelf and tap Edit.

Go to the bookshelf and tap the book you want to read. Enter your passcode if you have one.

Apple - Support - Manuals

Move your finger closer to the edge to pan more quickly. Notifications vary by app, but may include text or sound alerts, or a number on the app icon on the Home screen. You can sync photos and videos from your computer, import them from a digital camera or iPhone, or save them from email or the web. If you receive an alert, you can accept the request from there, or close it and respond to the request later from the Request screen.

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While a video is playing, tap the screen to show the controls. You can view calendar events in a list, or by day, week, or month. You can use the editing features of iPad to cut, copy, or paste in the text field.

You can also tap an address in Contacts to find a location. Download the free iBooks app from the App Store, and then get everything from classics to best sellers from the built-in iBookstore. Notifications Home screen. Enter text in the search field.

Friends who match your search appear as you type. Page There are many ways to enter VoiceOver gestures. For example, you can two-finger tap by using either two fingers on one hand, or one finger on each hand. Snapshots are saved in an album in the Photo app.

This allows new photo filters downloaded from the app store to work inside the Photos app and new widgets to be available on the notifications screen. Some links automatically open a new page instead of replacing the current one.