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How do i hook up my car speakers, video of the Day

Hook up any other of your vehicle's cables to the battery. Hook up a fuse holder near the battery.

At this point, you know how loud your system is gonna go before it starts distorting, sounding horrible, and smoking speakers. Run speaker wires from your speakers to your amp's installation location. The music should come through your car stereo speakers.

If you really like to tweak your system, you might want to make your amp rack easily removable, but also keep theft in mind. This will prevent any sort or weird ground loop effects that introduce noise to your music.

Video of the Day

Many stereos manufactured during the past few years provide an auxiliary input jack on the dashboard, in the center console or directly on the back of the stereo. Recommended frequencies are at the very low end of the spectrum to avoid conflict with local radio stations.

Hook up all of the wires at the amplifier! Don't hook it up, cut it or do anything else with it! Once everything sounds good, you're ready to put a cover on your amp enclosure, free online dating regina and be sure your fans are hooked up properly.

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How much noise do you hear? Finally, cover the ground point with something non-conductive. Be sure the fuse holder is connected solidly to the power wire.

Since that time, several options have become available that enable you to play your iPhone's digital music through your car speakers. Be sure the fuse holder is mounted in a safe place, and the power wires are all secured away from any moving parts.

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How to hook up an amp to car speakers?

Run your ground cable from the amp or distro block. If everything's square, move on to the next step!