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Additionally, you can alter the race by changing the weather and time of day. If you loved last year's game, you shouldn't hesitate to pick this one up.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us. Two player multiplayer races are available on a choice of either vertical or horizontal split screen. All was right with the world, and I drove on.

As I've been saying, this game is fun. However, motocross engines sound like a swarm of angry hornets, and the announcer may in fact be an unemployed game show host. And hey, they're both sort of motorcycle games, yugioh apk for android so it kinda makes sense. Single and double jumps can be added to Motocross courses.

In library In cart Soon Wishlisted. None of the verified owners have rated this game. This gripe also spills over a bit into the difficulty settings. Now available for purchase Friend invite accepted.

Play Moto Racer 2 online Sony PlayStation

In Arcade mode, you can bounce off building walls while you're airborne without wrecking. Your review should focus on your in-game experience only. Now let me be the first to say that I am in the camp of those who believe force-feedback is not quite there yet. The controls are all quite adequate. If you have a street bike, you can't make the jumps too high.

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See new chat messages, friend invites, as well as important announcements and deals relevant to you. Race Australian or Chinese tracks, and mind the oil slicks, mate! These range from far behind the bike to tailgating to back seat driver to take the reigns. The tricks performed will depend on what type of bike you are riding and if you're in the air or not.

Play Moto Racer 2 online Sony PlayStation


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No activation or online connection required to play. The track and championship editor will allow you to create and modify up to eight tracks and save them to a memory card. Was I playing a game or was I providing cinematography for a major sports network? This editor is easy to use, but it doesn't let me get as crazy with the jumps as I would like.

The lighting effects are incredible from the bike's headlight to the street lamps to the burning torches lining an otherwise dark tunnel in the Amazon. Although trust me when I tell you that two subwoofers are far worse than one in appeasing the better half. You know those games I don't care which genre that make you forget you are looking at a monitor and sitting in an uncomfortable chair? The Medium difficulty is too tough, and you'll really need to master the tracks on Easy first. Controlling your cycle is pretty basic and doesn't take long to get the hang of in Arcade Mode.

Better get out that extend-o-keyboard. Essentially you'll never run out of tracks since you can make your own and trade with your neighborhood chums.

Sim mode's controls are more realistic and therefore harder to master. Only then did the sunlight reflect properly off my shiny gas tank and windscreen. Facebook Pinterest Reddit Twitter. Well, maybe you can do all of these, but the interface is so tricky that you might never get to that point. You can make hills, jumps, valleys and change the course from dirt to city street with the push of the button and simply save it to a standard memory card.

Thirty-two tracks with interesting weather effects snow, rain, sandstorms are more than enough. You only need to do this once. Last, but not least, the game comes with a track editor, giving it virtually infinite replayability. The fun-factor is still there, stronger than ever, supplemented by all sorts of new stuff.

If you have a dirt bike, you can't race on the street courses. Overview Okay, this is about the fifth time I have sat down to write this review. What it boils down to is that this game is fun.


Moto Racer 2 Game

Last year, Moto Racer showed how PlayStation motorcycle racing should be done. First, there was Moto Racer - an unforgettable, fast-paced and thoroughly satisfying racing game. Instructions arrow keys to drive Moto Racer gameplay.

Moto Racer 2 - PC Review and Full Download

The game maintains its speedy engine and tight control but with slightly enhanced graphics. To get technical support for your game contact our support team.