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Integral to this branding is their insistence on the commercial font The Serif. Fedra Serif A-Bold Expert. Fedra Serif B-Medium Expert.

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Oh yes, Zapf, Slimbach, Licko, they're all avid, open participants on Typophile. Or maybe Adam and others have just had lousey days. One could stipulate that no support will be offered for user modifications. As long as the formats offered are what you want, and you're reasonably sure you won't want to tweak anything don't forget that altering kerning pairs is a modification of the font file! John, I am of two minds about this.

That said, for certain circumstances I would definitely turn to Enigma before Mrs Eaves, so I appreciate your mentioning it. License agreements, like any sorts of contracts, are subject for amendments and negotiation.

Somehow I'm sitting in between. Having to read the manual?

It's also silly to expect a foundry to support hacked up versions of their fonts. Oh, I think I've also prebuilt a fraction or two.

Fedra Serif A Book Italic. Share fedra serif a pro medium font with your friends! Enigma seems to have a similar structure, ing xbox games for but the cap-height and ascenders are considerably shorter closer to Fedra Serif A. The Typotheque Font Software is protected under domestic and international trademark and copyright law.

Fedra Serif B Medium Italic. John, that knocking on your door is the font modification police. While the general shape of Enigma does seem along the same lines, there are a few aspects of the font that aren't quite fitting with what I'm seeking. Fedra Serif B Normal Italic.

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It is a low-contrast typeface that performs well in small sizes and in low-resolution print. Fedra Serif A-Book Expert. It would typically be used in high-resolution offset printing. Your suggestion of a license with disclaimer is interesting, but I would like to hear the reasons for modifications first.

For example, now I would save you probably making your own OpenType fonts. So far the closest we have found is called SerifA.

Definitely a face I'll keep in mind. Fedra Serif A Normal Italic.

All of these are great quirks, adding personality to the face, but for book work I think they'd be a bit too distracting. Fedra Sans-Bold Italic Expert. Can I, honestly, improve the font?

Yet that line, like most, is a thin one. Yet I don't know anyone that would do so.

However, I'm talking to those who will listen, from both sides of that fence. Punishing the good ones is just plain dumb. It drove my teacher nuts, but I was the one playing. Have you looked at OurType's Fresco?

If you develop non-Latin fonts, please try to find out about the appropriate range for your fonts, as it may make a difference in some applications. Again, I would gladly discuss possible reasons for changes - we do publish updates of fonts, so if there is really a need for a change, perhaps it would be beneficial for the complete font.

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OpenType font naming is another issue, and is no less complex. The inexperienced thug I was a few years ago, or the somewhat educated novice I am today? They are obsolete these days. And I can always go back to the original.

If that doesn't pan out, the search will continue. Adam Twardoch has graciously tweaked my ogoneks in the past, so I now know how to make them myself. Alternative to Fedra Serif B? And too often very, very well-made fonts won't let me do so. What problems have you seen?

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Windows is a different kettle of wax altogether. Fedra Mono Normal Italic Expert.

Below you can see glyphs fedra serif a pro medium font. Typophile, sadly, isn't the epicenter for all people. If you're working for a small organization, I can see how this could be a deal-breaker. Hrant, what you've suggested is simple enough, yet, as you said, inelegant.

Jason, I would add my voice to the chorus urging you to contact Peter directly. Not changing all three values will lead to the new font replacing the old one, instead of living side by side with it.

Fedra Serif B-Book Expert. However, each one functions well also independently, perhaps because the Sans existed before the Serif. You might argue that Quark is obsolete, but as long as people use it, font developers will have to take those issues into consideration.