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With local help, they identify the Singh haveli. An Indian officer explains to her that Saudi law permits release of a criminal if the wife of the deceased forgives the guilt. Dor makes a strong feminist statement without being strident or shouting slogans. While writing about the plot and the picturization, Rediff. Over a few weeks, they become good friends and spend most of the time together.

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Gul Panag was impressed with Kukunoor's previous film, Rockford and her constant correspondence with him fetched her the role of Zeenat. After their marriage, her husband leaves for Saudi Arabia to begin employment. Atlanta Indo-American Film Festival.

Armed only with a photograph of Shankar and Amir, Zeenat sets out to find Meera. On seeing the captured frames, they shifted all the interior shots to outside. Meera finds it tough without her husband but they manage to stay in touch.

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Theatrical release poster. En route, she meets a Behrupiya Shreyas Talpade. However, commercial success notwithstanding for these films, Dor was brought back to the screens.

Dor Hindi Movie MP3 Songs Download

The bahuroopiya introduces himself and his profession as being multi-faceted and multi-talented in arts and mimicry. Zeenat, initially, is deeply hurt from Meera's decision but eventually accepts it as fate and decides to leave for her hometown. When frantic inquiries are made, staad pro she is devastated to know that Shankar was killed in a freak accident that was allegedly caused by his Muslim roommate. Meera is shocked beyond belief to hear Zeenat's words. Her vivaciousness and exuberance are thrust behind her black veil.

The rest of the family vents their frustration of losing their only bread-winner on Meera, by blaming her for bringing bad-luck to their family. When the news of the imminent death sentence arrives, Zeenat is compelled to tell the truth to Meera. This affection eventually solemnized in the form of a rakhi symbolically. One day, Meera does not find the remittance from Shankar. Though initially set back by Chopra's offer, Randhir prefers the haveli over Meera.

She leaves for the haveli. Zeenat extends her hand from the train and Meera grabs it and climbs aboard, presumably running away from the only life she has ever known, as the train speeds up into the distance. But, box-office rewards and a mandate from the aam junta common man will elude it. On the other side, Zeenat hears that her husband has been arrested for murdering his roommate in Saudi Arabia. The bahuroopiya takes leave of Zeenat and wishes her the best for her efforts.

Dor Hindi Movie Mp3 Songs Download

And all along, the riveting friendship between the two polarized women and the events that bring them together, keep tugging at your heart. Dor Theatrical release poster. Awards and glowing critical acclaim, yes, it has the power to win it. During the festival, he had hinted to a journalist that he began writing his next script.

She makes it clear that she wants to hurt her husband's murderer, even if it was an accident, because of how much she is hurting in her new, veiled life. The companionship that develops between Meera and Zeenat results in redemption for both.

She liked the only continuous shooting schedule and said that it provided consistency in look and performance. The lethargic pacing will also go against it.

But the shortcoming comes in the form that this is not the kind of music that'll please every ear. When the thought of a scene with the three major characters dancing in the dunes came up, he realized that an older character could not realistically dance in the desert. In spite of this geographical inexperience, all went as per the plans while shooting in Rajasthan.

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At a temple, which Meera visits as her daily ritual, Zeenat makes her first contact. She felt that Kukunoor was such a man of conviction that he constantly forgot to eat and this once caused him a stomach infection.

Dor hindi movie songs

Coincidentally, her husband, Shankar, is in Saudi Arabia, his new workplace. She is convinced that it must have been an accident, but the Saudi law is unforgiving and Amir is scheduled to be executed. After getting convinced about her acting skills, she was roped in for the character of Meera.

Dor Hindi Movie Mp3 Songs Download

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. However, when Zeenat is in trouble, he returns to rescue her with his artistic talent.