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Dawn Ashley Cook

Viens said he duct-taped his wife's mouth and bound her hands and feet, as he had done at least twice before to silence her histrionics. But in a second interview, Viens gave them a far more jarring account of what happened to his wife's pound body. This version dovetailed with what Viens told his daughter and ex-girlfriend, both of whom testified during the eight-day trial, and what he initially told authorities. From his hospital bed, Viens gave a dramatic recorded confession to investigators. What he's after is greater protection of his personal financial information, according to his lawsuit.

Rubin to give him a new trial. He told friends and police that his wife had run off. He dumped what remained in the trash. Instead of reporting to serve a four-month sentence, he fled to Mexico, prosecutors said. But in their memo, prosecutors said Viens had a clear motive to leave no trace of his wife.

Her body has never been found, and Deputy Dist. While living in Vermont, prosecutors said in court papers, Viens was convicted in of a federal drug-related charge. She filed a missing-person report. At least this way we would have the contempt powers of the court to force them to do what they're publicly claiming to do, but what we've already seen them fail to do on two occasions. He also sent fake text messages from his wife's phone to her friends, prosecutors said, one of which said she was in Florida.

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Chicago-area man sues Ashley Madison so he can keep dating

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Viens was convicted last year of second-degree murder in the death of his wife, liquidating a pension plan Dawn. Deborah Brazil suggested that was because Viens wanted to conceal how she was killed. He has since fired his attorney.

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