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We later learn that X is actually a drug dealer.

Treat me and spoil me was exactly what Dating Down did. Dating Down chronicles her crush on X, the hipster-boho college-aged barista on the coffee shop she frequents, and their imminent relationship. In fact, I skipped on it when I saw it on Netgalley but when I saw Krystianna of Downright Dystopian give it four stars, ashok saraf nivedita joshi age difference in dating I decided to give it a whirl and requested it.

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Dating Down by Stefanie Lyons

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Shit, I'm not doing this book any justice. The book starts with Sam telling us that this is about a boy, who won't be named, and who we'll call only with X. Full of imagery and certain passages can knock you out of your breath. Heck, I even seek out poetry-like elements in the prose novels I read because I'm all for lyrical and poetic prose. But then, I can't even fault her for finding X the edgy and shiny thing that he is because he definitely is.

It's not surprising for a poetry lover like me to seek out and love verse novels as well. Sam is affronted by this but she eventually comes around to it and even starts using herself.

For someone who's been bottling it up, falling in love with X is the most freeing thing she has ever done. And if she's trying so hard not to lose him, I can definitely understand. This is a verse novel done right. All I want too is for her to live her life but I don't want her to do it with X.

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Girls dating down looks wise?

So when I discovered that it's actually a verse novel, I knew I was in for a treat. Even though the plot's been done before, this book triumphs in its words. She feels like she's not living life to the fullest and she sees X as her getaway to do exactly this.

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It was evident that everything will come crashing down soon enough and while everything was expected, I give props to Stefanie Lyons to keeping up the ante and making us feel for Sam. She becomes so engrossed in X's world that she blows off her responsibilities and every other person in her life. It all started out cute and sweet and sure, I was actually swooning because X is definitely smooth. And the daughter of a state senatorial candidate. But he was too smooth and too good to be true.

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