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The pattern, tune is almost similar. Listen to Muthama Ennai Happy Together. In fact Vani Jeyaram fondly remembers this ghazal every time she talks about her career in Tamil playback singing. Instead of criticising advise the problem decision. Now problem erupts as Raja is in the disguise of driver.

The credits clearly do not support the term. Also lifted by Shankar Ganesh - Check out the first listing in this page!

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Listen to Thiru Thiruda We need a resolution. Inspired by Beethoven's Fur Elise! But, he also has his share of direct, blatant lifts in his limited repertoire.

Ullathai Allitha

Listen to Oru kodi Ran kurahan mala. Warner used one of the first battery operated recorders to capture the songs Frank sang for them. Nadia had some amazing semi-classical vocals by Swati Natekar amidst mild drum and bass, typical of Asian Underground. Download Nulled WordPress Themes.

Download WordPress Themes. Vishwanathan is one of the richest men in Ooty and is a tea-estate owner. Its started with Frank Noah Profitt of Mountain Dale, at the foot of Stone Mountain in Watauga County, where he learned how to make banjos and dulcimers from his father.

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Chandrasekhar Jaiganesh who, even though being very rich, raises his son very strictly.

Listen to Athinthom Chandramukhi Athinthom Original. Bit sad considering we're talking of a composer who died of cancer! Both Raja and Vasu try to manage by roaming together for a few days so that they can convince both Viswanathan and Chandrasekhar.

Chittu chittu kuruviku Koodu edhukku Indha sondhangalai choli choli ullam Dhinam paadudhamma Summa summa vanthu Alaigal nenjil mothudhamma. This Hindi album also had an instrumental version, tapout xt nutrition guide which stuck chittu chittu kuruvikku song the battlestations pacific key generator cent percent. Chittu chittu kuruviku Koodu edhukku Adhu thotu thotu sondham kolla Vaanam irukku Indha sondhangalai choli choli ullam Dhinam paadudhamma Summa summa vanthu Alaigal nenjil mothudhamma. Chittu chittu kuruvikku song Just sing both and check for yourself.

Listen to Megamey megamey Tum nahin gham nahi. One of last year's most under-rated film scores in Tamil was composer Joshua Sridhar's Ninaithu ninaithu paarthen Milliblog music review. Interesting inspiration, though!

Other Chittu Chittu Kuruvikku Songs. He sent a book of songs to Warner, who modified several of them and performed them himself. The songs are inspired from various sources such as Bally Sagoo, Egyptian singer Hisham Abbas et all! Despite it's uncredited source, the Tamil song remains a lovely composition that Imman can be almost proud of, but for this small black mark! Listen to Baba baba Bohemian Ballet.

Slowly love blossoms between Indhu and Raja. June pona seems to be a very clever take off from Blue's All Rise. The original was part of the band's album, Petit Pompier.

The remix is high-energy and very catchy. Raja misunderstands another girl as Indhu Shankar interchanged Indhu's photo with another girl and decides to run away from house to escape from wedding. Raja is shocked to see his cousin Shankar there as he is the master brain behind all the events. Interesting influence, this! Nandri ellam naiya pola thaan Aana vaalu mattum illa maamooi.

Listen to Sooriyane Somebody like you. This is quite smart of Vijay Antony - keep the composing credit for yourself and get the original singer to sing the remix's remix, huh? Composing original or remix is totally different. Meanwhile, Shankar gets furious knowing that Raja is found.

The music was composed by Sirpy and lyrics were written by Pazhani Bharathi. Posted here is sung by Dean Martin.

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Inspired by the Italian song Besame Mucho! Listen to Devi koondhalo So happy together. The success of the film paved way for numerous comedy films. Azhagana Naatkal was compared by critics with Ullathai Allitha due to its similarity in sequences and characterisations. The Tamil film Ullathai Allitha with music by Sirpy was a landmark film in a sense.

Raja Karthik is the only son of retired military officer Col. Vayalar Sarath Chandra Varma. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Listen to Aiyo aiyo Hati kama. The film had relative newcomers in the lead and Madhu Ambat's cinematography. The way he adapts the original into a Tamil variant shows the remarkable imagination that gone into this plagiarism effort! Yesudas, Pushpavanam Kuppusamy. Suddenly Chandrseakhar comes to Ooty to Viswanathan's home to meet Raja.

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Raja gives his family ring to Vasu to prevent him from disclosing the truth to Viswanathan. Seems to have been lifted directly from a traditional Malayalam track of the same name! Listen to Kannenna Minsaarama Rona Alabina. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. One day in a man from New York named Frank Warner visited them to buy a dulcimer.

Rambha gained popularity through this film and became one of the leading heroines. Listen to Kadhalagi kadhalagi A thousand years. Listen to Maddy maddy I love rock and roll.

Thotta udan siningidum Chedi onnu irukku Thotta udan mottu vidum Kodi enna sollava Kodi enna sollava. Nitin did not win the award, but this album was critically acclaimed and was noted for its diverse genres. Minnalukum vetkam vara Mannil vandhu nadakum Kanni magal chinna idai Kodi endru sollava Kodi endru sollava. Does he have any Sri Lankan connection? One day, a gang tries to attack Vasu but he is saved by Raja which makes him understand that there is someone looking out to kill him.