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If that statement alone will not convince his fans to catch it, then I do not know what will. The explosion destroys most of the facility. Please click the link below to receive your verification email. Never serious and never meant to be. Still, Jackie is an entertainer and a true performer to the core in whatever he does.

Jackie Chan can retire with pride on this scene alone. May disappoint fanatics on the hunt for something new from the superstar, but it's harmless work with intermittent thrills, delivering the basics with surprising polish and speed. It was interesting and at times funny, too.

Sure, many dialogues were corny and the plot is borderline ridiculous. Soon, the baby awakens strong paternal feelings in the two crooks, leading to complications when it comes to handing him over to his possibly crazy gang boss grandfather. The opening action sequence with the roller suit. Please help us to describe the issue so we can fix it asap.

In the next shot it is now upside down. As there are others wanting the gold, lots of kung fu fighting and comedy follows. Even by watching a dubbed version of this movie, all I see is a bunch of hysterical people pantomiming as if it was a silent film. The outtakes shown over the end credits show that he was still the one doing all those dangerous stunts and demanding physical comedy routines himself.

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How to Sell Drugs Online Fast. Chan has lost his ability to pull off amazing fight scenes. English Mandarin French Spanish Russian. He has characters tell us what's right and wrong in very stilted dialog instead of creating situations that demonstrate his points. This upsets Coco, who confronts Catherine on the issue.

He has outdone himself in this one. Jackie Chan plays some sort of Indiana Jones grave robbing archaeologist that has to acquire a bunch of bronze busts. Whoever directed this mess should be shot point blank in the head for making such a mess.

The usual comedy he puts in are very tired and unfunny, and the stunts give way to some obvious wire work, and a hint at stand-ins which once upon a time would be unthinkable. So, I felt that Jackie would bow out with a bang of action stunt sequences along with a good comedy storyline. Visit Prime Video to explore more titles. However, the police is called in and they are all arrested.

Zhang Lanxin's high kicks. It's seriously so good that you'll come in with expectations of great action, and still come out thinking that was better than expected. It sets the mood right and you are all game for watching something very exciting and exceptional coming up in the next reels. Wow - even if its not one of his greatest works. The armored Jackie Chan scenes.

Worst of all, the blu ray of this movie doesn't come with subtitles. All in all, the film is a modern and updated version of his past Armor of God movies.

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You are Watching Chinese Zodiac. Incoherent, ridiculously silly and juvenile, Chinese Zodiac may have one or two good Jackie Chan action sequences, but the plot and dialogue are beyond stupid.

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And yes, it delivers on all these accounts. Come on in and enjoy Jackie Chan's final show! This film certainly does not disappoint.

It is two hours worth of exciting stunts which only Jackie can deliver. The best part of it was the blooper montage from Chan's career where some of his old stunts were shown.

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Even advanced gadgets the movie got or Jackie Chan itself couldn't save these. But action is the hook of this movie. And was it a coincidence that the pirates although later speaking multiple languages were first speaking Japanese?

The bilingual story doesn't have enough intrigue to sustain itself at feature length. But I don't care because I was moved deeply.

We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your email. But who really cares, right? Jack Conrad is awaiting the death penalty in a corrupt Central American prison.

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The storyline flows seamlessly with many laugh out loud moments in between. This was the first solo Jackie Chan movie that I have seen for a long while. Perhaps having to wear too many hats may have diluted his focus and responsibilities in a lot of areas, resulting in what would be a very lackluster Jackie Chan movie by his standards. It turned out to be a mixed bag. This movie mixes Chinese, broken English, horrible french and other languages in a way that is very confusing.

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The mix between English, raaz hindi movie 2002 Chinese and French spoken languages in the movie and the comedy being forced into almost every scene made the movie unbearable to watch. There're I thought that Chinese movies would attempt to be purer and less shallow than Hollywood's worst movie in this category. When twelve ancient symbols of the Chinese zodiac is stolen.

This article's plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed. The humour just doesn't worked and made me hardly chuckled. What a pity this workout doesn't deliver a stronger kick. If he is hoping to go out with a big bang, this is it.

Thank you Mr Jackie Chan for an awesome movie. This is the type of Jackie Chan movie which you just need to relax and don't think too hard about the plot. The plot and all involved were great. Older fans might be disappointed if they expect it to be like his older work.