Bs 1881 Part 124

BS 1881-124

The value in parenthesis for silica is that likely to be determined under the conditions of extraction used in concrete analysis. Further breaking and sieving is carried out until a sufficient quantity of fines has been produced.

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Store in a polyethylene bottle. This test cennot be used if a composite cement, e. This aggregate grading test is only applicable to concrete containing aggregates essentially insoluble in dilute hydrochloric record its mass, m. Dunedin Academic Press Ltd. Avoid breathing the vapour and contact of the about the condition of saturation of the aggregate in the liquid with the skin and eyes.

Details ore Committee of the International Electrotechnical Commission. Ensure as far as possible that each portion remains representative of the whole. British Standards Institution. Any person who, Copyright.

Other indicators which give clear end-points, e. This change in the extraction procedure The increasing use of reactive additions in concrete will renders the new method unsuitable for analysing complicate the analysis of concretes.

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Trans Tech Publications Inc. British Standards ore revised, when necessary, by the issue either of amendments or of revised editions. Deutsches Institut fur Normung E. Standardize this solution by the following of adding acid and of passing air or other inert gas through method. Technology International, Inc.

BS - Testing concrete. Methods for analysis of hardened concrete

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Hydrofluoric acid is extremely dangerous and great care is required in its use, even in small quantities. To second absorber and bubbler. Variations in tha clinker and slag used and in their relative proportions may cause large deviations from thesa values. The etching shall be controlled to or absence of effervescence.

This determination is only made when reliable control samples of the aggregates are available. Springer-Verlag New York, Inc.

Part may be carried out on the dried fine aggregate. If the matrix is still insufficiently weakened, used, the grading found, particularly with respect to the fraction thoroughly soak the concrete in water and re-heat. Avoid excessive particle size reduction during converted to kilograms per cubic metre of concrete, perumal god songs the preparation of the analytical sample.

Retain this first filtrate. To reduce tha possibility of silica being introduced into calcein indicator.

Aerospace Industries Association. This does not preclude the free use, in the course of the Cement. The apparatus shall be free from leaks. Other concentrations of silver nitrate solution and used as accelerating admixturas in place of chlorides.

American Petroleum Institute. View Full Details and Buy. When very large volumes of concrete or large numbers of concrete units are to be examined, take at least ten independent samples and analyse them separately. When the coarse aggregate is visually different from the fine aggregate. Alternative methods based on potentiometric titration such uncertainty.

Small electrically operated hand tools may be of assistance. Howewr, these identifications sometimes require the additional examination of polished surface. The air then evolves from the capillaries in the concrete, Calculate the capillary porosity Q as a percentage to the rapidly at first and then more slowly.

Continue the titration until the a triple-necked Woolf flask, with its centre-neck fitted with colour changes from blue to colourless. Conversely, where the ordinary Portland cement. In this case the subdivision before Samples which have a cross-sectional area of less than the next stage should provide a sub-sample of g to mm, e. Immediately titrate material, polyvinyl chloride or silicone rubber. Tha conditions of extraction may not bring all the other oxides into solution from the pozzolana although it may be expected that all the calcium will dissolve.

Society of Allied Weight Engineers, Inc. Jagan Mohana Rao Chinnala. Polyethylene gloves are recommended. Telecommunications Industry Association.

It is permis- Prepare a broken, or preferably a sawn, surface of the sible to use two alternative etchants. Gloves shall be worn when set concrete, make the correction for aggregate porosity handling the samples. Slowly add beakers, volumetric flasks, pipettes, burettes, filtretion apparatus, magnetic end mechanical stirrers, etc. Codes and Standards Training, Inc. Synapse Information Resources, Inc.

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Disconnect the becomes a pale yellow. Standards Australia International, Ltd. Cool to room temperature and add a obtain the required acid solution and the barium sulphate measured excess of the silver nitrate standard solution precipitate will then be contaminated.

For this carbon dioxide for the minimum time. Currency display settings. International Electrotechnical Commission.

The end-point is more easily seen if observed against. There is no abstract currently available for this document. Many different approaches are therefore co-precipitation of calcium with the silica.