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The only way to escape is to destroy the evil spirits, for which they need to unearth the back story of the house, only to release a bigger, untold truth! Finally, Vishal's maid calls an exorcist named Sarita Rekha.

Laxman's worries receive severe backlash from Tarun, an ardent skeptic. The family finally decides to vacate the house. Sanjay escapes, only to find himself surrounded by Vishal, Sarita, Manjeet and Qureshi who now know the truth. The otherwise cool-headed Tarun's mind starts reeling as he sees the captured footage. As destiny would have it, the unassuming crew is led on to find the horrors that inhabit the house.

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Bhoot Returns Tamil Movie In Hindi Free Download

The music of the film was composed by Salim-Sulaiman. But the house has other plans of its own as Nimmi is found missing. Tarun suspects Laxman to be the mischief-maker trying to prove his points. It was the second horror film made by Ram Gopal Verma after Raat. Vishal hides this fact from Swati, as she will object to buying such a residence.

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Eligible if purchased with select payment methods. Manjeet leaves Swati's body, and Vishal and Swati live a good life in the apartment. The footage from these cameras is proof enough for the already disturbed Namrata to take a decision to vacate the house.

The family mistakes Nimmi's new doll to be Shabbu. When Sanjay arrives, Vishal cleverly tells Mr.

Unimaginable and inexplicable things began to happen and they found themselves at the mercy of forces beyond the realm of understanding. Swati tries to kill Sanjay by strangulating him.

Theatrical release poster. The house seems to be on lock-down and the phones jammed. Vishal's maid witnesses Swati shouting and throwing Vishal away. After Qureshi leaves the darkened cell, Sanjay finds himself face to face with Manjeet. Tarun suspects Laxman to be the mischief-maker, trying to prove his points.

Soon, each night at the bungalow seems to turn for the worse, with knocks at unearthly hours, demonic sounds and eerie movements. Thakkar's son, Sanjay Fardeen Khan tries to molest Manjeet and when she resists she accidentally falls off the balcony and dies.

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Nimmi appears possessed by the spirit and tries to kill both her parents, until she's finally burned and defeated with Pooja's help, as the remaining family flee, bloody and injured. It is then revealed that many years ago, Sanjay came to visit his father and lusted for Manjeet, after he saw her in the apartment. Manjeet, who has still possessed Swati's body, sees Sanjay and chases him.

Vishal makes an unknown call to Sanjay and tells him that his father is sick. But the caretaker accidentally slips in the secret.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. He explains the situation to her and asks her help. He broke into her house, and attempted to profess his lust, but when she rejected him, he pushed her and she accidentally fell off the balcony and died. The couple rents a high rise apartment at a ridiculously low price.

Bhoot Returns Theatrical release poster. For other uses, ogo bodhu sundari bengali movie songs see Bhoot disambiguation. She comes with him and somehow placates Manjeet's spirit.

He wishes that Sanjay gets a bigger punishment. The prankster in Pooja decides to scare Nimmi but instead gets jolted by a Shabbu remark.

Swati is extremely livid at Vishal, although he disbelieves the notions of ghosts and bad luck. Tarun, an out-of-towner architect moves in with his family to a luxurious bungalow that he has acquired on a rather cheap rent. Then, Swati starts behaving very strangely. But, Sarita asks Manjeet to leave him as Swati would be blamed later on. Taman is mysteriously killed.

Thakkar and Sanjay to help him take Swati to the hospital. She tells him that Swati was shouting just like Manjeet and tells him that an exorcist can help her but not doctors. But soon enough, Vishal witnesses Swati brutally murdering the watchman of the apartment which no human could have done, and his skepticism is rudely challenged. Similar Popular with similar viewers. Vishal complies and meets Manjeet's mother.

The police are called in to investigate but they consider the family delusional and do not take much interest in the matter. Sanjay is arrested by Inspector Qureshi, and thrown into jail. During one such exploration Nimmi finds a cute looking doll.

Tarun receives a mysterious phone call, Nimmi's voice from the upper floor, after which they find Laxman murdered. Nimmi is found missing the next morning. Qureshi tries to stop her, having no idea of the real story. He learns from Manjeet's mother that Manjeet was not the type of woman who would commit suicide. The film was a box-office hit.


Bhoot Returns

Laxman's sudden disappearance and the increasing curiosity in Pooja to find answers for the ongoing activities make her install cameras at various places in the house. As Nimmi's fixation with Shabbu increases, the family decides to consult a psychiatrist. As Tarun, Namrata and Pooja discuss Nimmi's fixation over Shabbu, the family servant, Laxman, is sure of a spirit's presence in the house.

They come to know that Mr. Meanwhile, in the lockup, Qureshi tells Sanjay that death sentences are light penalties for a criminal like him. Laxman's worries receive severe backlash from Tarun, an ardent rationalist. Chakravarthy Madhu Shalini Alayana Sharma. Soon, each night at the bungalow seem to turn for the worse, all with knocks at unearthly hours, demonic sounds and eerie movements throughout the house.