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In the concluding chapters, Genesis Rabba seems to have remained defective. Many references to contemporary philosophical thought are made with the purpose of refuting the opinions of nonbelievers. When the waters recede, God promises that he will not destroy the world a second time with water with the rainbow as a symbol of his promise. Or the pain can help him to put aside some of his pettiness and bring him closer to God.

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He spent years finding the balance between his overwhelming pain of loss and his concurrent appreciation that everything God does is for the best. However, there are sections, especially in the beginning of the midrash, in which only one or a few verses at a time are expounded.

This midrash is rich in sublime thoughts and finely worded sentences, in parables, and in foreign words, especially Greek. The sections formed the framework that was to contain the exposition of a number of Biblical verses in continuous succession.

By various explanations of these texts, a transition is effected to the exposition of the particular verse of Genesis heading the section. As a rule, does pain and difficulty in life make it easier or harder to rise spiritually? Through the patriarchs God announces the election of Israel, meaning that he has chosen Israel to be his special people and committed himself to their future. This is interpreted by Christians as the fall of humanity.

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He is then reunited with his father and brothers, who fail to recognize him, and plead for food. Then, you tell him to pack his bags and move to a foreign country. He flees to his uncle where he prospers and earns his two wives, Rachel and Leah.

Through Hagar, Abraham fathers Ishmael. The Jewish answer is still, of course, neither. Bad is that which takes us away from God, that which hinders us from achieving our potential. The editor of the midrash has strung together various longer or shorter explanations and aggadic interpretations of the successive passages, sometimes anonymously, sometimes citing the author. To understand why bad things don't happen to good people, we must start with definitions of bad and good.

Those who achieve their true potential are usually those who struggle through difficult situations and build their character in the process. Therefore, there is no need to be depressed wondering if you have intrinsic worth! But in looking at the world, it does seem to me that great people in history have more often than not found their greatness through adversity. Joseph lives to an old age and exhorts his brethren, if God should lead them out of the country, the requested web page is categorized as personal-dating to take his bones with them.

Cain kills Abel after God accepts Abel's offering but not Cain's. The best manuscript of Genesis Rabba is found in the Codex Add. Through deception, Jacob becomes the heir instead of Esau and gains his father's blessing.

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It is characteristic of the midrash to view the personages and conditions of the Bible in the light of the contemporary history of the time. As Abraham is about to lay the knife upon his son, God restrains him, promising him numberless descendants.

Freedman and Maurice Simon, Vols. He fulfilled his potential and became the great human being we know of, founder of the nation that has taught monotheism to the world.

First, you have him thrown into a furnace. God resolves to destroy the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah for the sins of their people. Many quotations in the Shulchan Aruch mention the passage of Genesis Rabba by the number of the section. God tests Abraham by demanding that he sacrifice Isaac. Lot's daughters, concerned that they are fugitives who will never find husbands, get him drunk to become pregnant by him, and give birth to the ancestors of the Moabites and Ammonites.

The single prefaces, of which there is a large number, contain explanations of their text which refer entirely or in its last part to the verse or passage of Genesis to be expounded in that section. Greatness is much more often found among those who face adversity head on and overcome it. There are in the Genesis Rabba about of these passages. When he obeys, you bring a famine to this country.

And if he does, then he will look back fifty years later and say that yes, that the broken leg enabled him to employ his freewill to lift himself to new levels of personal greatness. Abraham sits in his place in eternity, not in spite of his hardships, but because of them. The Deuteronomistic source does not appear in Genesis. In truth, the answer is probably neither.

At first glance this seems strange. To live out seventy or eighty years of life with the least challenge possible? In some, only the introductory text is given, its application to the verse of Genesis to be expounded being self-evident or being left to a later working out. Then God sends a great flood to wipe out the rest of the world. All is completely neutral.

But now there is something to add. Angels save Abraham's nephew Lot and his family, but his wife looks back on the destruction against their command and is turned into a pillar of salt. And then, when he travels to find food, you have the ruler of the next place abduct his wife.

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The pain was relatively short-lived. References to contemporaneous conditions and historical events also occur. It all depends on what this person does with it. Mitzvos, good deeds, are good.