Angels On Assignment By Roland Buck

Open Preview See a Problem? Arch Angel Michael suddenly showing up was a great surprise.

Great insights into God's heart for people and a peek into the workings of the angelic realm. The most fascinating book to read. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. My family knew of this man, and he was not the type to write something like this unless it really happened. Also this book is the most amazing book I'm always very careful, about religious books.

Protect believers Wage s Sent by God In this intriguing book, Roland Buck describes his personal encounters with angels and what the Bible tells us about these messengers of God. His angels are watching over us, and we do not need to be afraid. These angels don't behave as the angles in the bible. Sent by God In this intriguing book, research papers on data warehousing Roland Buck describes his personal encounters with angels and what the Bible tells us about these messengers of God. It is the story of angelic visitations that have happened in Pastor Roland Buck's life.

It seemed like a pretty legitimate story to me. He's an angel that is featured in my books.

See a Problem

She told me how much this book encouraged her. Avoid this book at all costs. Mostly this book provided some historical insight into the church movement of the era. The bible says that we are sent to go and make disciples and the Holy Spirit will work in the hearts to convince and translate. But I haven't found any fact that would point that way.

But this book is totally different. All the angels Roland encountered directed him to the truths found in the Bible, and gave him a better understanding of the scriptures. God is still working today through his angelic army. Brought home the reality of angels in a poignant way!

Angels on assignment by roland buck

She recommended the book to me and told me God wanted me to read it, no joke. Almost every paragraph has a sentence sometimes multiple ones that ends in an exclamation point.

There are so many bad and scary books available. Roland Buck claimed that experienced just that.

Below is a link of the very bad theology in the book. And I'm talking now about mighty warriors. Being somewhat ignorant of paying attention to the theology lining up with the Word of God, I read through it with some excitement. One paragraph had four sentences and each one ended in an exclamation point.

It is his encounters and messages from the angels. Not nice ladies with wings as painters have pictured angels in paintings. Although I must say, something didn't quite feel right. Add to that the fact his ideas are ones you can find in dozens of other books, and there's not much reason to read this.

Angels on assignment by roland buck

Buck was an Assembly of God pastor, and I'm pretty sure that my theology is so different than theirs in enough ways that it's hard to see where both orientations are coming from the same religion. Buck presents some encouraging ideas, but his writing style is just plain bad. Overall the book encouraged me that God is on the job. Also this book is the most amazing book I've ever read.

They also told him of future events, and gave him specific names of people he would meet to confirm the genuineness of the visitations. And wishing I could have an angelic visit. It was a great resource for research, and confirmed much of what I already wrote in my fictional books. Difficult to read because he's not a good writer, but if you can look beyond that, can be spiritually edifying.

Who woudn't like to discuss God's plan with angels like Gabriel and Michael? Cleaning out some shelves I came across this book that I had read ages ago.

Angels on assignment by roland buck

Poorly written, with a great overabundance of exclamation marks, but not entirely without worth. May God tune our hearts to hear. Although I think I'd probably faint dead away out of fear! It's not the angel's role to bring people to Jesus. But I can't help having doubts.