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It all boils down to a cart which is fun in the sun for Game Boy enthusiasts but won't give you more than a mild case of Island Fever. Instead, bypass the pot, let the boulder go by you or shoot it, and then time it carefully to get the pot - if you are daring.

Trying to stop, often slides him in the path of a falling icicle. The game is still early in its development but the basic game concept looks good and the levels that were programmed were quite challenging. The skateboard moves constantly forward. Taylor flicks his tail, Magma breathes fire, Don-Don flies in the sky, Classie swims undersea, and a new steed, Poley, rolls and bowls over enemies.

To waste the vicious Higgins-eating plant at the end of Level One, stand towards the middle area of the screen, jump high, and toss your axes. Be quick, because edibles only appear on-screen for a limited time. Look for obscure eggs which warp you past entire islands. The Master's prehistoric pals aren't the only feature back from extinction.

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If you have shooting power, you can clear all three, one at a time. His strength is diminishing and there's a gang of creatures lying in wait for him. It's your role to guide Higgins, not only through the trouble of enemy attacks, but also to gather all the hidden fruit and weapons that he can find. Each trip costs you two power points.

Between the two campfires, there is a hidden egg. If you have no shooting power, leap over him and outrun him to the right. After a while, it all looks the same. After you start going downhill, there is a frog facing the other way. Hidden eggs absorb your shots.

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Your beloved Tina awaits her rescue. Try to clear them out fast. Our Creature List explained how to defeat him. The bonus level gives you the chance to build up your power line with lots of fruit. Coyote - These are the only creatures that go from left to right.


His tried-and-true moves include running, jumping, ducking, swimming, and shooting. After you clear a string of Skeletons, the rock shown holds a pot.

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You must eliminate all the enemies on each level of the game by rolling the enemies into snowballs and smashing them against the walls. The features in the game revolve around heading to the finish line with driving and shooting skills.

Higgins must crack open the eggs to win prizes. Speaking of pots, it's a big boost to your score to get one every chance you get. As you hurl axes at the advancing sea creatures, you can boost your energy by plucking tropical fruits, like bananas and pineapples, from the air.

While many items like the skateboard, hammer and fruit power-ups will look similar to those in previous versions, there will be new enemies and plenty of challenging levels for Higgins to explore. Higgins can also cruise the beaches on his trademark skateboard. At the end of your invisibility, there are a few extremely difficult creatures waiting for - one Coyote and three Kello.

There's a hidden egg just before it, though, directly under the icicle. Upon completing a level you play a head-spinning bonus game.

If you take the key, the third platform will go up to a bonus level. After the pair of bothersome frogs, drop down two more steps to a long flat area. This is yet another bonus round. The Danger Zones The space goons learn a lesson from the Master's old nemesis, the Witch Doctor, and set up a similar eight island obstacle course to confound Higgins.

You'll also get rid of whatever you hit in the process. If you're aboard a skateboard or a dino and you're hit, you'll lose the item but remain unharmed. Fires can only be destroyed by skateboards or when you are invincible with the Honeygirl. You can jump up and shoot him, if you have shooting power. This is the first appearance of the Coyote.

Can you elude those that are trying to beat you? Islands of Okay Adventure Fludson's Adventure Island has always been well-known for its reliable but not extravagant Mario-like gameplay. If Higgins is on a rise, he can sometimes shoot Ice off the ceiling. The only exception to this is when a rock contains a hidden pot. Animations and sound effects provide the user with an experience they have not had before.

On Adventure Island, players for mobile phone Ice lives in the form of icicles that drop just as you pass beneath them. Master Higgins is back in a whole new adventure as he got himself stuck on a new chain of islands with no way to get off. They all will be set in a whole new series of individual island adventures. Racers Island allows you to take part in racing competitions against fierce rivals from all over the world. The free windows version of Racers Island is available for you to download and enjoy car racing in.

Do you want to go on a vacation in the South Pacific? The low points are repetitive obstacles, no passwords, and bland music. If you get past this area, you have the makings of a real hero. Flowers are worth double the health boost of ordinary chow. Avoid the bird, by shooting or jumping, and you'll also find a hidden egg right under you.

An Island full of racing which involves speed and adrenaline, do you think you have what it takes to be able to live up to the challenge? Cracking hidden eggs along your path could reveal more power-ups like a milk bottle full energy or even a skateboard to speed you around the island. The Racers Island game is available for free download for different versions of Windows.

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